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There's an art to connecting brands to their customers. And we've got that art down to a science.


Many B-to-B brands are great at developing a push strategy—building a strong relationship with their distribution channel and letting the sales process go to work. But what about the other half of the marketing equation: the pull strategy? Typically, B-to-B companies leave the pull strategy to consumer brands, but it doesn’t have to be that way anymore. Now, with the inexpensive world of digital and social added to the mix of traditional, becoming a B-to-B-to-C brand is something any company can do.

At Littlefield Agency, we believe it’s just as important for B-to-B brands to share their singular-focused message with the end-customer—in ways, and in places, they’ve never been able to before. This helps brands like yours build deeper, more long-lasting relationships with end-users, so you’re not just pushing product through the distribution channel, your customers are pulling it through, too. This is our proven process. This is what we do for each and every client. The result? Increased sales and repeat business.

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