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For decades, Grasshopper has manufactured the best riding mowers on the market. Their belief was based on the adage, if you build the best mousetrap, people will come. And they did. In droves. But then the world changed, and the next generation of lawn enthusiasts couldn’t be reached in the same way, or found in the same places. So Grasshopper came to us looking for new ways to reach these lawn enthusiasts who were living deep in the digital world.


A major refresh of the brand that would not only make an emotional connection with the target audience, but be delivered across many touch points throughout both the traditional and digital world to build deep, long-lasting relationships with customers in ways Grasshopper has never been able to before. The campaign included traditional elements like print and POS, and a digital push that included display, SEM, video content, and much more. Within two months of launch, results were not only noticeable, but were already having a major impact on sales.

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