• Grasshopper Mower


Through our research, we started with a better understanding of Grasshopper’s target audience—a group that absolutely loved their yard and found great joy in maintaining it…so much so that they were willing to spend premium dollars for a super-premium machine. We called this target audience “the discerning landscaper.”

As a way to tap into this joy, we created #MowDay. A fun, engaging way to show the joy, pride, and love our target had each and every time they mowed their yard. This campaign has the legs to run in traditional channels as well as digital, with both video and still images. This helped Grasshopper Mower capture the imagination of their customers like never before, and own the idea #MowDay throughout the entire industry.

Take a look at the work. We couldn’t be more proud of it. 

"Littlefield’s ongoing study of marketing trends gives our company confidence that we’re always spending money with them in the right places. Their use of analytics helps their team lead ours with any course corrections throughout the year so together we are continually finding the most efficient ways to market our products."

Trent Guyer VP Marketing & Digital Strategy




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