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After starting their business in 1971 as an actual guard dog provider for commercial businesses, Electric Guard Dog transitioned in 1991 to a revolutionary, patented full-perimeter electric security fencing company. Now, 30 years later, they were ready to make a major transition. That’s when they turned to Littlefield to completely rebrand their company. The development of a fierce, modern name, logo, and message was crucial so their brand would better reflect their commitment to relentlessly protecting their customers.

The solution was to leverage their great, guard dog history with a new name based on a mythological wolf that stalked and devoured any person foolish enough to hunt alone at night—Amarok. The messaging would tap into the insight gained from research that their target audience, with businesses located in high-crime areas, was fed-up with crime. This target, which we called “The Fed-Up Fighter,” also knew that crime was going to continue and if they didn’t do something soon, it could be their business that was hit next.

The result? Within two years of the rebrand, Amarok was purchased by a major PE firm for a massive amount of money.

"The rebrand Littlefield did for our company literally took us to the next level. Their team is AWESOME. They pushed us when we needed to be pushed. Our brand wouldn’t be where we are today without Littlefield."

Mike Dorrington SVP of Sales & Marketing
Ditch Witch
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