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American Augers customers have one thing in common. To operate in the auger business, you have to have a lot of guts and an incredibly strong stomach. Why? Because if you’re running a bore underneath a river and you’re off by just a few inches…it’s a complete disaster. Furthermore, the jobs are so large that if your machine is down for just a few days or a week, it could cost tens of thousand of dollars in time.

So when they asked Littlefield to take a fresh approach with their look and feel, we also took a fresh approach with their strategy. And instead of just touting a product that’s built to work and last, we also wanted to push the large dealer support system that would ALWAYS be there for customers in the field—a huge point of difference versus the competition. From that strategic direction, the American Augers tagline was born: Don’t Go It Alone.

The end result is a brand look and feel that’s just as tough as our customers, and a strategy that, for the first time, really hammers home a true point of difference.

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John Smith VP Marketing
    American Augers Print Ad
    American Augers Print Ad
    American Augers Print Ad

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