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We started this relationship with a deep understanding of both the brand and their target audience. For BOK Financial, they were a very conservative bank, slow to make changes but focused on steady growth. What they hadn’t ever done though was focus on a target audience that would truly find this type of bank attractive, a group with that same mindset—focused on long-term financial goals but still wanting to enjoy “today.” 

We coined these target members “Fiscally-Fit Marathoners,” which made up around 50% of the population, and then created the tagline, Long Live Your Money, to capture the heart and soul of this group. 

After a 17-year run with BOK Financial, we resigned the account given they no longer fit with our agency culture. It was a great run for the agency, and we are excited that we now have a new financial client down in Dallas that wants to do great work and values what we bring to the table. 




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