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The Ditch Witch® organization is made up of a factory in Perry, Oklahoma, and a dealer network with over 175 locations throughout the world that sell their equipment. With an organization so large and spread out, how could the Ditch Witch brand tell a cohesive story throughout the distribution channel, regardless of where customers interacted with the brand?

First, we created a push strategy through the dealerships promoting the great relationships dealers have with their customers using the “We’re in this together” messaging—a huge benefit versus the competition. On top of that, we leveraged the digital marketing funnel to go directly to the end user with strong, consistent messaging to build deeper, longer-lasting relationships with customers. This pull strategy that delivered a consistent message at every touchpoint, coupled with the ongoing push strategy, worked twice as hard in furthering relationships with customers. 

The result? Our relationship with Ditch Witch is now over the 20-year mark and our work helped them grow four times over, which made their brand an attractive target for a $700 million purchase from The Toro Company.

"We are the global leader in underground construction. There is no doubt that our 20+ year partnership with Littlefield Agency has helped us achieve and maintain that status. Whether it’s a rebrand, product launch, new website, advertising or thought leadership, we rely on the strategic insights from the team at Littlefield. No doubt we’re in this together."

Sean Hubbard Marketing Communications Manager

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