Art Director


creates all the things.

Some talent you take from big agencies and big companies, and some, you grow on your own. Courtney’s 6+ years here at Littlefield, is the perfect example of the later. But we certainly can’t take all of the credit, as Courtney has an enormous desire to make a difference at her core. Maybe that’s why her versatility is a deep as her talent. From design and photography to technology and development, Courtney’s diverse skill sets make her one of our greatest content creators. It also makes her one of our most highly demanded creatives from both account service and our clients.


About My Photo
“The office quickly learned that I have several pairs of shoes, and love them all. These are my favorites, my most prized, and the most personal. They were a wedding gift from my mother, and probably the best gift I've ever received. They're the shoes I wore at my wedding—they were my "something blue." I would probably frame them if I could.”

Words I Live By
"Art is a collaboration between God and the artist, and the less the artist does the better." - Andre Gide

She can turn any Pinterest project into a real-life object within hours.

Experience Includes:

Ditch Witch, Apache Casino Hotel, Bishop Kelley High School, Head Country BBQ, BOK Financial, Saint Joseph Monastery, and more.