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loves people.

Hillary’s path to planning was certainly not typical. It was, however, fast. After one year as our proofreader who took on extra research responsibilities, and six months as our traffic manager who moved us to a paperless shop, Hillary transitioned to what she found to be her true love—Insights and Analytics. Now she’s a rising star in that department too…facilitating interactive groups, in-depth interviews and ethnography studies, analyzing secondary research, and keeping a constant pulse on the branding blogosphere.


About My Photo
I grew up loving the game of baseball. My days as a player ended in first grade, but I still love the sport because it is so different than real life—there's no clock, no rush and the best guys get it wrong 7 out of 10 times.

Words I Live By
“Happiness is the symptom of circumstance; joy is the product of perspective.” –Steve Furtick

I’m convinced YouTube was created just to be my own virtual makeup assistant.

Experience Includes:

Hillary works on planning and research projects for most Littlefield clients.