Account Manager


values great relationships.

Jessica is the perfect amount of left and right brain, which makes her a great asset to her clients and to our team. Her love of creativity and need for structure create an effective juxtaposition that ensures she is always pursuing new ideas and then able to cross the Ts and dot the Is on those ideas. Jessica draws inspiration from many places, using it to help clients propel their brands forward. She considers herself an extension of her clients; she strives to understand their business in order to make strategic recommendations—with the end of goal of growing the brand and business. Jessica has years of marketing experience for private and public companies, mostly in the B2B space. Her experience, in addition to her master’s of business administration, allows her to provide strategic advice by drawing on knowledge of business initiatives like marketing, finance, and analytics.


About My Photo
Chances are if you run into me it will be at a home decor store.  I spend my free time dreaming about all the things I wish I could buy for my house.

Words I Live By
"The world is divided into two classes, those who believe the incredible, and those who do the improbable." - Oscar Wilde

I've never met a statement necklace I didn't like.

Experience Includes:

Jessica works mainly on the BOK Financial account but also helps manage the Tulsa Regional Chamber and YMCA brands.