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Marellie Littlefield
Vice President / Finance + Human Resources

Marellie's combo role at Littlefield directing both Human Resources and Finance means she has a huge impact on the agency and how we work with our clients. When each Littlefield employee understands, embraces, and lives our brand purpose, what we deliver for our clients is both differentiating and impactful—and Marellie works hard to make sure we're positioned to do just that. Her commitment to employees is also the reason so many Littlefielders have tenures well beyond 5 and 10 years...hardly typical for the ad industry. Marellie joined the Littlefield crew in 2002, after having owned and operated her business—Organizational Management Services—where she provided clients with the services of a business manager and honed her financial abilities. Her specialties included accounting services, database creation and management, hiring support personnel and assisting with insurance, organization, streamlining and overall cost efficiency. Mother of five and an active community philanthropist, it isn’t puzzling to understand how Marellie is so effective with her position here. 

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