Senior Brand Strategist


is immersed in client culture.

“When pigs fly.” To Stephanie, this simple phrase is a light-hearted reminder in the midst of a stressful situation that we can all achieve the impossible; we all make pigs fly from time to time. While her hands are generally in several projects at a time throughout the agency, Stephanie’s largest client to wrangle is the BOK Financial Corporation. With a seven-state region to manage strategically, Stephanie has immersed herself completely in the BOK business, soaking up their work environment, daily operations, goals, and objectives, as well as adopting their core values so that she remains able to act in their best interest at all times. Stephanie’s greatest ability is perhaps her penchant for going above and beyond; she doesn’t just take care of a client, but truly assumes their business personality and makes an intense push to dramatically, consistently improve their brand.


About My Photo
“The flying pig is actually a figurine I bought because I think it’s a light-hearted reminder in the midst of a stressful situation. We are asked all of the time to do things that shouldn't be "possible" and we make them happen. In a sense, we make pigs fly all the time.”

Words I Live By
"Every day is a gift. that is why it's called the present." - Unknown

"I can kill any plant within 48 hours."

Experience Includes:

Lead strategist on BOK Financial. In the past, has also led strategic direction for OERB, Tulsa Regional Chamber, VisitTulsa, and YMCA.