TikTok, Instagram, and World Population

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Littlefield Agency
Littlefield Agency
TikTok, Instagram, and World Population

Did you miss us?! That’s right, we are back catching you up with what’s been going on over the last week at Littlefield Agency. Chelsea is still launching a rival podcast (but is she?), Roop’s digital role is evolving, and you better believe it: we dive into two of our January digital trends we’ve been monitoring.

First we chat TikTok’s next stage of world domination: food delivery. What does this mean for us as consumers and also how does TikTok’s platform play for current clients?

Additionally, we talk all things Instagram. With over two billion active users, Roop and Sam attempt to do some math while high-level talking through platforms and what they mean to different ages.

What do these platforms mean for you and your target audience? We dive even deeper on next week’s Little Talks.

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