The New Power of Pull Through
David Littlefield
August 2015

When it comes to the B2B2C space, manufacturing brands too often let their distribution channel partners tell their story. By doing so, they inadvertently lose control of their differentiating message but worse yet, they lose control of the voice of their brand. Manufacturers end up finding themselves “pushing rope” as they try to funnel their marketing and sales messages through a distribution channel. It can be a frustrating and futile effort. The flipside to a PUSH strategy is to PULL. Traditionally, it’s been very expensive to advertise to the actual end-user outside of traditional trade press, leaving manufacturers with limited opportunities to PULL product or brand messaging through other channels. However, all of that is changing. Quickly. Manufacturers now have the opportunity to leverage the strength and power of social and digital media. Some may feel that those strategies and tactics are only for classic consumer brands. But that’s no longer the case anymore. After all, the end-user in the B2B space is also a consumer—a human being. And there are powerful opportunities to create brand fans in the B2B2C space, which may come as a surprise to many B2B marketers. Case in point, Ditch Witch®. For more than 14 years, we’ve partnered with Ditch Witch to grow their business and further their brand. They are a shining example of a B2B2C brand that has truly embraced the power of social and digital media, with some really impressive results. In the social media space, we’ve helped Ditch Witch attract more than 90,000 brand fans that follow them on Facebook. They are able to introduce new products, offer maintenance tips and upload safety videos directly through their Facebook page straight to their end-user. In addition to Facebook, we’ve also worked with Ditch Witch to launch a YouTube channel with hundreds of videos that range from product demonstrations to safety training to brand awareness. They currently have more than a million views by consumers and prospects. In 2014 alone, their brand fans were watching over 50 hours of video a day. Ditch Witch still PUSHES product and information through the dealer channel, but they now have brand fans PULLING product through the channel, making buying decisions before they ever visit a Ditch Witch dealership. Thanks to social and digital media, the power of PULL is back. You now have the opportunity to reach your end-user directly and control your brand voice with more consistency.

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