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Trencor has a long history of tough machines that never stop working. Unfortunately, their brand look and feel was older than some of their machines. The good news, Ditch Witch’s parent company purchased the Trencor brand, and knowing how we evolved Ditch Witch over the past 20 years, it just made sense that they asked us to also make the iconic Trencor brand new and fresh again. So we did.

We capitalized on the iconic strength of Trencor—these machines would take a beating, just like an old-time heavyweight fighter with a chin of steel, and they’d never back down. That’s where the tagline, Forged For The Toughest came from to relaunch this historic brand.

Results? A look and feel as powerful as the machines. And a parent company that has handed over even more underground construction brands for us to help make great again.

We gave Littlefield an old, tired brand that we inherited and they made magic with it...updating a decades old look and putting us light years ahead of the competition. They’re a great partner who always has our best interest at heart.

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