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Are your media platforms ready to rock and roll?

We LOVE onboarding new clients for media, social media, CRM integrations, and other fun marketing stuff. But there’s one thing that often delays the party—access.

So let’s talk about something crucial—who has your logins to your various media, analytics and social platforms.

Providing Access to Social Media Platforms

These digital realms are where your brand shines, so giving us access is like handing us the keys to your sports car. It’s essential for seamless campaign management and analysis. Don’t worry; your data is safe with us – we take data security seriously. Facebook (aka Meta) makes this the easiest if you have Facebook Business Manager (FBM) access. Just invite our FBM account to yours and we’re good to go!

Of course, you’ll need to know who at your organization has access to your FBM if that isn’t you. Getting those ducks in a row ahead of time can save us from a delayed campaign launch.

Google Ads and Analytics Access

Google Analytics might sound like a bunch of techy jargon, but trust us, it’s a goldmine of insights. Granting access here lets us understand your audience, track performance, and tweak strategies for maximum impact. Same with Google Ads, arguably the world’s most important media platform, and the one we’ll be spending lots of time in.

It’s a similar process to Facebook above, and we can guide you through it if you know who in your organization has access (seeing a pattern?).

Sharing Previous Research and Insights

Did you know that any previous market research or data you have can be a game-changer? Sharing your research with us can save time and resources and help us tailor our strategies to your unique needs. Whether it’s spreadsheets, reports, or even napkin scribbles – we’re all ears.

The Importance of Sharing Brand Standards

Now, let’s talk about your brand’s personality – its style, voice, and image. Sharing your brand standards with us is like handing us the blueprint to your brand’s identity. It ensures that every piece of creative content for your campaigns aligns perfectly with your brand’s ethos.

Your brand standards include guidelines for logos, color schemes, fonts, tone of voice, and more. When we have these standards in hand, we can create marketing materials that not only look fantastic but also resonate with your audience on a deeper level. It’s all about maintaining consistency and reinforcing your brand’s identity across all channels.

By sharing your brand standards, you empower us to become true brand ambassadors. We’ll take those guidelines and use them to craft content that’s not only eye-catching but also distinctly “you.” It’s the secret sauce that makes your brand stand out in a crowded marketplace.

The Rule of Five

It’s vital to know who in your organization has access to all the items above, and we’ve seen it all. Some clients come in with everything ready to go, while others realize no one at their company still has login access, and for platforms like Facebook that can be a major buzz killer.

We recommend at least five folks in your organization have admin level access to all your platforms and channels. If one leaves, add a new one it. Additionally, keep a private spreadsheet with all your logins, and make sure multiple people have access that that. Trust us, it’s vital.

So Are You Ready To Rock?

We’re here to guide you every step of the way, answer any questions you have, and help you achieve your goals. Got questions or want to start the conversation? Reach out to us – we can’t wait to get started!


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