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Best brand responses to COVID-19

In a world where business as usual is adjusting to the unusual, the only thing more widespread than talk of the COVID-19 pandemic are companies responding to it. Many have tried to re-establish a sense of normalcy with reassuring messaging strategies and calls for unity, but the brands that have truly cut through the noise are those that combined authenticity and action with advertising to convey their brand’s personality and purpose.


This St. Patrick’s Day commercial from Guinness shakes off the bleakness of the daily news but maintains all the brand’s personality and authenticity. Guinness didn’t let us forget that St. Patty’s was coming up and reminded us that we still have so much worth celebrating.


Really, who doesn’t need a mental health break during all this craziness? But what we love about this is that Headspace is offering their services to the folks who need it most—the healthcare professionals who are our boots on the ground during this global event.


Don Q Rum

In an effort to aid overburdened hospitals and clinics, Don Q Rum announced that it would produce ethyl alcohol—an ingredient in hand sanitizer—to donate to the health sector in Puerto Rico. They posted just once about this on social media, giving a nod to their efforts without excessive self-promotion.

Don Q

Magic City Books

We had to give a shout-out to a book shop that’s a Tulsa favorite, Magic City Books. Giving customers personal, private shopping hours with a digital sign-up sheet and curbside service. We love the spirit of innovation as a form of adaptation.

Magic City

Golden State Warriors

Sometimes the best branding is just kindness. Of course it reflects well on the Golden State Warriors that the teammates donated $1 million to support the Chase Center’s part-time staff—but that’s not why they did it. And that’s why we love it.

This is just a snippet of the great work companies and marketers are doing at all levels—locally, nationally and beyond. Restaurants and retailers are doubling down on their curbside pickup and delivery options for customers. Entertainers, fitness instructors and services are offering virtual performances, classes and meetings.


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