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Google is deleting unused accounts, Threads engagement is back, latest on the OpenAI saga

Google is deleting unused accounts this week

Now is the time to act if you want to keep a Google account you haven’t used in a while. Starting Dec. 1, Google will start deleting “inactive” accounts — that is, accounts that haven’t been used in at least two years. Google accounts give access to the company’s other products, including Gmail, Drive, Docs, Meet, Calendar, Photos and YouTube. That means emails, videos, photos, documents and any other content sitting in an inactive account are at risk.

Our Take: Delivery rates for a whole bunch of email marketers that don’t regularly clean their lists is about to take a big hit.

insights on the OpenAI saga: Winners, losers, and the road ahead

Five days after he was suddenly removed, OpenAi company announced the return of CEO and founder Sam Altman to his previous position and a parting with the board that planned his removal. But this does not mean that the whole affair disappeared as if it had never happened. Who won? Who lost? Who got stronger? What even happened there? What will happen now?

Our Take: OpenAI is worth too much to fail. Lots of drama here, but ultimately your ChatGPT account is fine.

LinkedIn Says Past Carousel Posts Will Be Deleted In December

LinkedIn Says Past Carousel Posts Will Be Deleted In December

A quick reminder: LinkedIn is getting rid of carousel posts, profile videos, and its in-image linking option shortly, which, evidently, will also result in the removal of previously posted carousels, and the de-activation of in-image links. So all of your previously posted carousels will be deleted, and your clickable links will be dead.

Our Take: Feels like a ham-handed approach (deleting old carousels?!). Also odd that carousels perform pretty well on other platforms, but apparently not on LinkedIn. Insert a massive shrug from us here.

Threads! Threads! Threads! (and Other Digital Marketing News from the Past Month)

Meta Highlights What’s Driving Threads Engagement

With Threads usage rising, and more brands reconsidering their presence on X (formerly Twitter), a key question that many businesses are now considering is what works on Threads, and how can you maximize your Threads presence for optimal engagement?

Our Take: We’ve been in since Day 1. Gather your brand’s audience now. You’ll be glad you did later when Threads is an extension of ad real estate that plays with Facebook and Instagram.

Threads Launches Initial Test of Topic Tags in Posts

It’s not hashtags, but it’s not not hashtags either. Threads announced that it’s launching a new test of topic tags in posts, which will enable you to link your Threads updates to a broader selection of posts on the same subject.

Our Take: The new features are rolling out faster and faster over at Threads. This one is key if they want to continue to compete with X.

Threads Adds Option to Delete Profile Without Impacting IG Presence

The Threads team is addressing one of the biggest initial user concerns with the app, with Threads users now able to delete their Threads profile independent of their Instagram presence. Initially, because Threads is built on top of Instagram’s infrastructure, your Threads and IG profiles were intrinsically linked, because your Threads profile was actually a sub-element of your IG presence, as opposed to being a separate entity.

Our Take: One of the biggest things new users were frustrated with when Threads rolled out a few months back. Finally fixed.

YouTube Shorts Up To 30 Billion Daily Views As Shorts Ads Begin Testing

YouTube Announces New Tagging Requirements for AI-Generated Content

YouTube is the latest platform to implement labels on AI-generated content, with the video leader looking to get ahead of the expected generative AI wave with new tagging requirements for creators. Failure to do so will result in penalties, which could include removal, suspension from monetization, and even account suspension, in the worst of cases.

Our Take: We expect much, much more of this in the near future across most platforms.

TikTok and Social Media Marketing

New Report Shows More People Are Now Getting News Content via TikTok

Pew Research has published its latest overview of how Americans use social platforms for sourcing news and information, which shows that Facebook is still the most influential social media news source, though overall reliance on social apps for news is decreasing over time. As per Pew, around half of all U.S. adults now get at least some of their news and information input from social media apps, with Facebook leading the way. But the influence of most social platforms in this respect is declining over time, likely due to more questions being raised as to the quality and reliability of news that’s shared in each.

Our Take: Since around 80% of all time spent online is on a social media platform, this just makes sense. It’s where people get news, perform searches, and make purchases. Having a strong presence where it makes sense for your brand is obviously vital.

X May Lose Up to $75 Million in Revenue as More Advertisers Pull Out

X, the social media company formerly known as Twitter, could lose as much as $75 million in advertising revenue by the end of the year as dozens of major brands pause their marketing campaigns after its owner, Elon Musk, endorsed an antisemitic conspiracy theory this month.

Our Take: Yikes. But let’s be honest, this isn’t the ONLY crazy thing that’s happened on Twitter/X this year. It’s all starting to catch up.


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