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Little Bits Digital Trends: Google announces new search updates which will put more emphasis on content depth

This month we are happy to share some interesting Media, Content and Design announcements, articles, features and reports along with our take on each, to help keep you up to date with the latest marketing news.

Google Announces New Search Updates Which Will Put More Emphasis on Content Depth

Google Announces New Search Updates Which Will Put More Emphasis on Content Depth

Google has announced some key updates to its Search algorithms which will favor results created for humans as opposed to web pages that have been designed purely for SERP ranking. Google will be putting more emphasis on content quality and depth when it comes to Search results, this could spark a change in SEO approach. This change is aimed at improving the quality of search queries and to prevent sites from gaming the search algorithm.

Our Take: Search will be changing, but likely for the better. More qualified and helpful information should rank top of page. We will be monitoring the change and adjusting our campaigns as we all adjust to these changes.

BeReal Rises to 10 Million Daily Active Users

The trending app of the moment, BeReal sends out a prompt to all users at a random time each day, which asks people to share a photo of what they’re doing, right there and then, with a 2-minute time limit to post an update.

Our Take: Get in now, this concept has legs!

Instagram Takes Inspiration from BeReal with New Test Features

We featured BeReal in an earlier edition of Little Bits and as the world begins to pay attention to this Social Media app that rejects highly edited and sculptured social media personas so too does Instagram take notice. Instagram and its parent company, Meta, are always looking for ways to capitalize on the changes to the social media landscape that their competitors make in order to solidify their position at the top – or close to it. Instagram has just recently launched a new “Dual” camera mode which enables users to capture both content and user reactions at the same time using both the front and back cameras on smart phones. This harkens to the nature of BeReal and to add some icing on this cake, Instagram is also testing another feature that feels like the BeReal Map feature. Instagram is testing a new option that would enable users to add a QR code to their posts that other users will be able to scan. Users who scan this code will be able to view a map that will show where the poster is at any given time.

Our Take: Instagram is experiencing an identity crisis as they continue to try to take from other platforms and move further and further away from what users come to this app for. We have seen recently a backlash to their intense push for video content, this may yet add another pain point to the app. Not to mention that while we do not have many details on this take on the BeReal Maps, this does pose a lot of questions. Will these QR codes be publicly viewed? Or will the QR codes only be shareable to certain users?

Instagram Faces More User Backlash as it Continues to Chase TikTok

So why hasn’t Instagram’s relentless video push worked – what does TikTok do better than Instagram in this respect, which makes its app compelling, while repelling IG users?

Our Take: Too fast, different audience wants/needs. Instagram can still utilize video in a meaningful way on their platform, but it needs to be unique and tailored to their users, not TikToks.

Instagram Moves to Next Stage of Development with its Native Scheduling Tools

Instagram has had a form of their scheduling tool available in the Creator Studio for some time now, however soon users may be able to schedule Instagram posts from within the app itself and this may include Reels as well.

Our Take: This could be the quality-of-life improvement users and social media managers have been waiting for. While this was available as an option in the Creator Studio, having the option to schedule ahead in the app will make it so that users can set up content for their pages wherever they are.

Snapchat Launches New ‘Dual’ Camera Option, Similar to BeReal

Snapchat Launches New ‘Dual’ Camera Option, Similar to BeReal

With BeReal on the rise, it was only a matter of time, really, before the established players in the space realized that BeReal’s key value proposition is more of a function than it is a solo app or network, especially given that it’s not algorithm based.

Our Take: SnapChat’s take on BeReal’s camera is actually pretty good (click the link to see the options). Can’t wait until BeReal “borrows” a similar feature on their side. Competition is good.

TikTok Announces New Support Programs for Black Business Month

As part of Black Business Month, TikTok has announced that it is now accepting applications for its ‘Support Black Businesses’ accelerator program. This is the third round for this program which launched in 2020 and aims to help Black-owned businesses thrive on the platform via exclusive access to support resources, education, and opportunities for networking. TikTok will also highlight and celebrate Black-owned businesses throughout the month of August.

Our Take: TikTok is making some very useful tools available to users who have been disproportionately impacted by the pandemic. We’re glad to see that they have and are implementing opportunities to promote growth within their platform.

Twitter Rolls Out Podcasts in the Spaces Tab, Expanding its Audio Content Focus

Twitter Rolls Out Podcasts in the Spaces Tab, Expanding its Audio Content Focus

It’s been in development for the past few months, and today, Twitter has launched its new integrated podcasts display in the Spaces tab, which will now be renamed its ‘Audio’ tab instead.

Our Take: You know we love podcasts.

Twitter Tests New Format for Tweeted Links

Twitter’s testing a new format for publisher links, with what it’s calling its ‘Tweet Tiles’ display.

Our Take: Twitter is always testing new formats and options, not sure the ratio that makes it to being live for the masses, but it feels like it’s around one in eight.

Meta Expands NFT Display Options on Instagram and Facebook, as it Looks to Build for the Next Stage

With Eminem and Snoop Dogg performing at the recent MTV VMA Awards via their Bored Ape avatars, and within the Yuga Labs ‘Otherside’ metaverse project, will that spark a new resurgence in NFT interest?

Our Take: Overall interest in NFTs is down from 2021, but we wouldn’t count the concept out yet. The impending Metaverse could change how we look at NFTs for good.

Meta’s Adding a New Customer Support Division to Handle User Queries

Good news for Facebook users, with Meta announcing that it’s building a new customer-service division, which will provide direct advice and assistance in order to help Facebook and Instagram users resolve account issues and concerns more quickly.

Our Take: This seems like something a company their size and with pockets that deep should have done like 7 years ago, but hopefully this helps with some of the more frustrating parts of dealing with Facebook.

Netflix’s Ad-Supported Tier Could Cost Between $7 and $9 Per Month

Netflix’s Ad-Supported Tier Could Cost Between $7 and $9 Per Month

Netflix’s new ad-supported tier could be somewhere between $7-$9 per-month, which is half the price of it’s most popular standard plan. Under this tier, users would be treated to four minutes of commercials per hour. This would happen before and during some programs but not after, the news outlet reports. The ad-supported tier is set to debut during the last three months of this year in at least six markets, with the full rollout potentially happening early next year.

Our Take: It’s interesting that the ad-supported tier is half the cost of the ad-free tier. We may see more subscribers testing out Netflix at the lower monthly cost, but only time will tell if users adopt a service that started off without ads. 

Pinterest Launches New Board Sticker to Help Drive More Pin Traffic

Pinterest has added another way to drive traffic from their version of “stories”, Idea Pins, to your Pinterest Boards. Some iOS users are now able to use the Board Sticker from the Sticker Tray within the Idea Pin creation flow. This new sticker will then link users directly to a dedicated topic board which could drive more traffic to the links within the associated board. As of right now creators will be able to add 5 board stickers per image and up to 20 board stickers in total within an Idea Pin sequence.

Our Take: Pinterest is looking at new ways to engage their users and to drive traffic to the brands that post their products on the website. This may be yet another way to influence shoppers ahead of the upcoming Holiday Season.

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