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Media Mix 101: Back to balancing your B2B strategy

Storytelling In :06 to 6:00

Finding Social Media Video Sweetspot

We talk a lot about the power of online videos. Video, in and of itself, is the most potent form of emotional storytelling for B2B brands. It helps you inspire, inform, entertain, and engage your customers. In fact, instead of hammering out a bunch of words here for you to read, we probably should have put together a video for you to watch instead. But that logic is a little circular, in that online videos really serve to drive your customers to more content elsewhere, which usually comes in the form of copy…like what you’re reading now. So, we’re essentially on target here.

The challenge with online videos is finding the right length of time on the right digital platform to deliver your message. Traditionally, when it came to video, we were bound by television broadcast standards of :15 and :30 spots with the occasional, but rare, :60 spot. Today, online videos can more or less be any length, barring a few distinct media buys like pre-roll and certain social media restrictions.

We know people love consuming video, but what is their actual appetite for length of time? The advent and popularity of the :06 bumper video should serve as a good indication that people’s attention span is shockingly short. But even that depends on the type of video you’re producing and promoting.

On Google’s AdWords blog, a post notes that in 70% of cases, :06 second bumpers caused a “significant lift” in awareness of the attached brand.1

All that to say, you must first determine what kind of video you’re creating. Think mission specific. Is it informative? Entertaining? Promotional? It makes a difference. If you’re producing a how-to video, then you can get away with a longer format. If you’re promoting 50% off for Labor Day, then short and sweet delivers the point. 

You also need to consider the platform you’re using and what viewers consider reasonable per that platform. For instance, on Twitter and Facebook, you’re looking at roughly a :45 for super interesting content. It’s even less on Instagram. But yet considerably more on YouTube. 

Plus, there are other tactics to consider, like live streaming, product placement with social media influencers, and popular online video series. The opportunities are only limited to your imagination and production budget.

The beauty of it all is: you can still be wildly creative whether you have :06 or 6:00.

And if you happen to be privy to our latest premium content piece, you know that by next year, global consumer internet video traffic will account for 80% of all consumer internet traffic.2

So let’s talk about how a good online video strategy can help move your B2B brand forward.


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