Three Steps to Enhance Your B2B Marketing Message

Is your B2B company approaching its marketing messaging differently than your competitors? It’s a simple question, but we want you to really think about it. How are you communicating your value proposition? Are you paving a unique way to better close your prospects? Often times, we engage with B2B brands that are sporadic storytellers. While there may be many great things to communicate to your customers and prospects, what is the one thing you are telling businesses to entice them further along the sales cycle?

Almost weekly, we talk to a new prospect that is experiencing flat or declining sales. It’s no fun to stay stagnant or lose to your competitors. So why is this so often the case? 

We live in a noisy world. You’ve heard it before that you’re exposed to 5,000 marketing messages daily: Facebook/Instagram ads, YouTube preroll, display, paid search, billboards, commercials, and the list goes on. You’re fighting against every other B2C and B2B brand in the world just hoping that your messaging is compelling enough to engage your prospect and start to have them get to know you. The end result? More closed prospects and more sales for your B2B company. Follow the three steps below to get your B2B company back on track and selling again.

Simplify Your Message

When a prospect lands on your website, they should know exactly what you provide in less than five seconds. If you have multiple product categories, you don’t have to speak to all of them right on your homepage. For example, we have a client who sells industrial-grade synthetic rope for everyone from arborists to commercial shipping vessels. Front and center, just below their main brand window, they state, “We have industry-specific synthetic rope that is engineered to meet the demands of your job.”

A prospect immediately understands what they provide, and can figure out how to find what they need. It’s simple, yet effective. We recommend you do the same. What do you provide, and how does it help your customer? 

While we want you to have a solid site for SEO purposes, keep in mind that very few of your prospects (and even your customers) are reading lengthy paragraphs. While there is a time and place for thought leadership further down the sales funnel and on your website, we want you to keep it high level when a user first lands. On the superior pages of your website (Homepage, About Us, etc.), a concise intro paragraph and a few strong bullet points articulating what you do is great. That’s what your potential buyer is looking for.

Make Your Customer The Hero

Speaking of your potential buyers, they want to know how your product/service will enhance their lives. It’s your job to make them feel good and position them as the hero if they end up purchasing your product. We want you to really focus on the word “feel” in that previous sentence. You have less than six seconds to capture their attention and hook them into your sales cycle. If you’re leading with boring specs or irrelevant information, it’s game over and they are onto the next company. So many B2B companies struggle with emotionally connecting with their B2B prospects, so let’s make sure you don’t going forward. Your customer is looking for your guidance—give them the information they need, make them the hero, and help them realize they can’t live without your product/service. 

Call Your Customers To Action

You’ve simplified your message and you’ve captured your prospect’s attention—now it’s time to call them to action. What is the number one thing you want them to do on your site? Whether it’s “Buy Now”, “Find Your Dealer”, “Contact Us” or “Request A Quote”, you need to have that conveniently placed in the top right-hand corner and a different color from the rest of your main navigation. One of our clients, Ditch Witch, has “My Dealer” in the top right-hand corner. It locks when a user scrolls, and it’s on every landing page across the website. You absolutely can’t miss it, so once they are far enough down the sales funnel, they will click to get in touch with their local dealer.

These Calls To Action (CTAs) are always necessary, but what happens if the user isn’t ready to buy? That’s perfectly fine, and why we encourage other forms of CTAs. This could result in a blog post, white paper, webinar or infographic. You should have these conveniently positioned across your site. You’ll get notified with an email address when someone downloads the content, and that’s your chance to strike while it’s hot and eventually get them to make a sales conversion.

Three simple steps: simplify your message, make your customer the hero, and call your customers to action. Do this, and you will be well on your way to increased engagement, and most importantly, increased sales.

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