Littlefield Agency Brands Tulsa’s New Rapid Transit System

Littlefield Agency is proud to announce that it has named and branded Tulsa’s new bus rapid transit line: Aero. The agency also created a dynamic logo and bus wrap designs that will differentiate this line from the Tulsa Transit fleet.

The Aero name indicates speed and directness. It also gives a nod to Tulsa’s history in the aerospace industry, which captures the forward-thinking spirit of Tulsa.

The logo offers a modern, eye-catching design that feels inviting to riders and gives this line its own unique look and feel.

“We love creating work that makes a difference for our clients. It’s even more exciting when we get a chance to also make a difference for our community,” said Mike Rocco, vice president and creative director at Littlefield Agency. “This Aero transit system will help make Tulsa a next-level city, and we’re proud to play a role in bringing it to life.”

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