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Littlefield Agency launches new product with virtual reality

What better way to unveil revolutionary technology than to market it with revolutionary technology? That was our shared mindset with our client, Ditch Witch, when it came to the launch of the JT40 at the 2017 ConExpo trade show, themed “What’s Next?” The event was held indoors, so it was crucial that attendees have a realistic experience on the machine to fully understand its innovative features. We knew we had to do something unique and cutting-edge to meet this challenge and propel Ditch Witch into a league of its own in the B2B marketing space.

So, we created an immersive experience to bring the JT40’s features to life in virtual reality. The launch was a huge success. Over 1,000 people experienced the JT40 during the 3-minute virtual tour, a number far above expectation. Consumer reactions didn’t disappoint either.

“It was kind of like being on a ride in Disneyland…you get to be in the place of the driller, sit in the cab, and see the technology,” said trade show attendee, Scott Jacewicz-O’Kelly. “You get a feel for what’s actually going on underground, which is hard to capture, but exciting that you guys did.”

This project proved to be the perfect alignment of new technologies at the perfect time. It also serves as a prime example of our commitment to staying on the leading edge in the B2B marketing space and working with clients to create lasting impressions on their customers and their business.


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