Littlefield Agency Launches New Website For River Logic

Littlefield Agency is excited to announce it has launched a new website for River Logic

River Logic’s website has undergone a complete redesign and content update, positioning the company as a leader in decision intelligence software and emphasizing its data-driven approach. 

Founded in 2000, this supply and value chain planning company takes Digital Planning Twin™ to the next level. It offers a turn-key solution that optimizes and impacts entire organizations.

“We love working with brands that want to look, feel, and talk differently than their competition,” said Mike Rocco, Creative Director of Littlefield Agency. “River Logic was one of those brands. So making them stand out in a crowded marketplace was not only a challenge, but a demand from everyone involved in the process. We think the end result is just that—a fresh new website that sets them apart and hits on the emotion to which customers—even B2B customers—relate.”

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