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Littlefield Agency offers city’s first-ever pitch scholarship competition for KIPP Tulsa Public Charter Schools

KIPP Tulsa & Littlefield Agency Creative Achievement Scholarship

Littlefield Agency is proud to announce the creation of a new scholarship program for students at KIPP Tulsa Public Charter Schools.

KIPP (Knowledge Is Power Program) is a network of charter schools designed to improve the educational opportunities available to low-income families. KIPP Tulsa started in 2005 with a single class of fifth graders. Today, KIPP Tulsa Public Charter Schools offers a continuous college-prep education for fifth through 12th-grade students.

The scholarship program—The Littlefield Agency & KIPP Tulsa Creative Achievement Scholarship—is a team competition for KIPP students who will work under the guidance of Littlefield employees. The assignment includes creating a new product or enhancing an existing one, naming that product, and then creating an ad campaign targeted to a specific audience. The teams will then pitch their ideas to Littlefield Agency, with each winning KIPP pitch team member splitting a $5,000 scholarship toward the college of their choice.

Additionally, according to KIPP Tulsa, It’s the first-of-its-kind Tulsa High School Pitch Competition where students will compete for college scholarship dollars.

“We are so excited to partner with KIPP,” said Sam Littlefield, president and CEO of Littlefield Agency. “Their leaders are forward-thinking and have been awesome to partner with in creating this new scholarship program. The most important thing is that these students feel empowered to do great work. Marketing translates to all facets of life, so no matter what these students end up doing, we want to help jump-start their passion and help them realize they have the ability to affect change and do something great.”

The KIPP representatives were just as excited. “As a former teacher, I can say our students at KIPP Tulsa Public Charter Schools are brilliantly talented and resilient,” said Ray’Chel Wilson, director of KIPP Tulsa Development. “The formation of this pitch competition, as well as the KIPP Tulsa & Littlefield Agency Creative Achievement Scholarship, are key examples of what corporate social responsibility can look like and how decreasing barriers begins with creating opportunity in education. We at KIPP Tulsa are so very thankful to the good people at Littlefield who have the heart to give back and empower our scholars. Together, we will create a future without limits!”

DeAnn Cooks was also excited. “As the director of KIPP Forward, we aim to increase the rates at which KIPPsters persist in and graduate from multiple postsecondary pathways, meaning college and other upwardly mobile career credentialing programs,” Cooks said. “We believe exposure is key! The KIPP Tulsa and Littlefield Pitch Competition does exactly that, it exposes our students to a hands-on opportunity to use their critical thinking skills and to work alongside experts to develop and execute strategies for brand development and management. What an exciting opportunity for our scholars to move forward towards College, Career and Beyond!”


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