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Littlefield Agency refreshes brand for northeastern restaurant chain

What started as a family pizzeria franchise in the 70’s turned into the American dream for a group of Greek immigrants and entrepreneurs in the form of Pat’s Pizzeria. Over the years, they shifted to their own unique vision, branching off to become Select—with 10+ locations in Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

A reality of the business move has been the need to forge an independent brand that gives both new and existing customers a chance to get to know the new Select brand.

As their branding and media agency, Littlefield will develop the recipe for a successful rollout, with a new tagline, social media content, and paid media to bring a new generation of brand loyalists to Select.

“Everyone we’ve worked with from Littlefield has been a joy to get to know,” said Eleni Kalaitzoglou, Marketing Director of Select. “They truly care about the success of our business. We’re so happy we chose Littlefield to represent our family business.”

“I’ve been getting to know the Select team for months now, and they are amazing people with a vision to give their customers the freshest ingredients paired with a great family experience,” said Sam Littlefield, President & CEO of Littlefield Agency. “They got through 2020, and we are ready to help get their customers and prospective customers flooding through their doors.”


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