Littlefield Agency Unveils Renovated Office Space

Littlefield Agency is thrilled to have finally moved一back to its original home on floor five of International Plaza after months of camping on the 10th floor during its renovation.

The sleek, new space features an open concept designed for collaboration and a more inclusive atmosphere. Its modern, rustic-industrial vibe matches the forward-thinking culture of the agency and mirrors its commitment to staying on the cutting edge for clients.

“The new office space has really invigorated the entire agency,” said Courtney Counts, copywriter at Littlefield. “The open atmosphere inspires fresh ideas, teamwork and heightens creativity, which ultimately benefits our clients.”

“Our new open office is designed to increase collaboration between our areas of expertise,” said David Littlefield, founder and CEO of the agency. “There are meeting rooms and spaces for group discussion, strategic and creative working sessions or private time for writing and thinking. This is the design that you’ll see going forward in any creative business and we are on the leading edge of that trend.”

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