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Littlefield Agency honored in book on exceptional businesses

Littlefield Agency is pleased to announce that the agency is one of a select group of companies featured in Peter Sheahan’s new book, Matter. 

Matter uses various case studies to highlight ways companies create value for themselves and their customers to become a brand that matters. The stories of these companies, like Burberry, Adobe and CVS Health, define their unique and innovative approaches to business, which have led them to solve complex problems and stand out in a world of uniformity and static. It focuses on the need to “do the right work—work that inspires, that makes a difference, that contributes more than your bottom line.”

The book praised Littlefield’s tenacity, saying that “Littlefield has been punching above its weight class and fending off its coastal rivals while landing and retaining high value accounts.”

Littlefield made tough choices throughout its 36-year history that, in the long run, shaped its reputation and work to be more valuable to its employees and clients. One such challenge was adding Account Planning to the agency in 1995—an unexpected move for the time and Midwestern location.

Of all the companies interviewed for the book, “the best were focused on building companies that…differentiated themselves to move beyond their competition by creating more value for their customers and becoming the obvious choices,” said David Littlefield, president and CEO of Littlefield Agency.

“We were thrilled to be included in Peter Sheahan’s latest business book,” Littlefield said, “His research vetting process is very thorough, so to be accepted…was a great affirmation to us that we are doing as meaningful and effective work as anyone in the country.”

Matter is available in Kindle or hardcover versions at


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