Littlefield to Rebrand Energy One Federal Credit Union

Littlefield Agency is excited to announce a new client relationship with Energy One Federal Credit Union. 

Energy One Federal Credit Union was chartered in 1935 under the Federal Credit Union Act. Originally a one-person operation, Energy One has grown to a multi-million dollar institution over the years. The company aims to bring their “small-town bank” atmosphere to every branch, while also bringing big bank advantages to even the smallest of towns. 

Littlefield will reposition the Energy One Federal Credit Union brand to reflect the opportunities they are able to provide for not only oil and gas companies, but growing to include other business areas throughout Tulsa, Houston and California. The agency is looking forward to conducting research that will serve as the basis for a new branding campaign, creating a stronger brand presence for Energy One.

“The Energy One team is bringing an energy (pun intended) that shows how ready they are to revitalize their brand. ” said Sam Littlefield, President & CEO, Littlefield Agency. “Reimagination is what our agency stands for, so this project really hits home for our team. We have the opportunity to reposition, refresh and reinspire Energy One—we can’t wait to do it.”

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