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Sam Littlefield youngest member elected to MAGNET board

Littlefield Agency is proud to announce that its very own Strategist/Business Development Director, Sam Littlefield, has been elected to the MAGNET (Marketing and Advertising Global Network) board of directors. He’s the youngest member ever elected to this international group of marketing agency executives. In that role, he will be responsible, in part, for helping grow the MAGNET network worldwide.

MAGNET is an association of 40 agencies with offices in over 50 countries, representing 800 clients and 100 global brands. It strives to be a force for growth in the industry, where great minds come together. Littlefield Agency has been part of the MAGNET network since 1990, helping ensure its clients are on the forefront of marketing.

“I’ve been in the MAGNET network for 28 years and have served on the board and as president,” said David Littlefield, founder and CEO of Littlefield Agency. “It is really fun for me to have Sam be asked to serve on the board of this network that has meant so much to me. The fact that he is now the youngest person to ever have served on this board speaks to the respect he has already earned in the very short time he has been a member.”


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