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Next-level marketing for B2B brands in 2023

Marketing for B2B brands has evolved greatly over the last few years and will continue to do so over the upcoming years. To stay ahead of the curve in 2023, B2B brands must begin to focus on the following tactics.

Leverage the Power of AI and Automation

As B2B marketers move toward greater automation of their marketing processes and campaigns, they should use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to optimize their decisions and gain a competitive advantage. This is not as difficult as it may seem. The right tools in the right strategic hands can work wonders for both alleviating repetitive marketing tasks, as well as growing your team’s first-party data.

When set up properly, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools such as HubSpot or Salesforce can automate the learning that goes into learning more about your audiences and customers. This first-party data is key to the future of your marketing department.

Invest in Data-Driven Decisions

Using the first-party data from AI insights, B2B marketers should ensure that their decisions are backed by data. This will help them better understand their current and target audiences, predict their behaviors and make more informed decisions on the most effective outreach campaigns to deploy.

Personalization is also key here. By leveraging AI-driven segmentation and targeting techniques, B2B brands can optimize their campaigns to target more specific prospects, resulting in increased conversions and a stronger lead coming out of the sales cycle.

Measure and Analyze Your Data

Data remains the backbone of all marketing strategies and campaigns. 2023 is the time to start measuring, analyzing and optimizing the data you have collected from your campaigns and customer’s journey. When used correctly, your data will empower your entire team to make more informed decisions that are truly game-changing.

Personalize Your Content

In this digital age, content marketing is the number-

one way to reach, engage and convert your buyers. It’s a no-brainer. However, the content you are creating should be tailored to meet your customers’ specific needs, and should speak to them in terms that understand not just who they are as a demographic. Think beyond location and age and along the lines of more likes and dislikes, typical day, challenges and needs.

Personas, learned from automated actions inside your CRM, will help you better segment your audiences and focus your personalized content for them. Strong personalized content looks to address the needs of your target personas rather than sell to them overtly.

CRM automation will make your content personalization easier and faster. Leveraging tailored content and data-driven segmentation will ensure that your content is highly engaging and resonates with your audiences.

Don’t Ignore the Power of Organic Search

Organic search is still one of the most powerful channels for B2B brands in 2023. Organic search allows you to reach potential customers at the point in their journey where they’re most likely to convert. While paid search is still a great—and necessary—option for B2B brands, organic search should not be ignored when it comes to crafting a successful search strategy.

Organic search is still game-changing for B2B brands, and neglecting it could be a costly mistake. SEO should continue to be a primary focus in the 2023 B2B landscape, in order to ensure your content is easily discoverable.

Start by ensuring you have a solid foundation in place, and then take the time to research, analyze and track the right keywords to target according to your customers’ needs. Quality content, internal links and strong technical SEO are all important aspects to consider when creating a successful organic search strategy.

The B2B Marketing Landscape Beyond 2023

The future of B2B marketing looks to provide more personal, data-driven and automated experiences for customers. Investing in the right AI and automation processes, collecting the necessary data, implementing personalization techniques and creating content that speaks to the needs of your target personas—combined with the power of organic search—will be key to staying ahead in the B2B marketing game in 2023 and beyond.

By keeping up with the latest trends and investing in robust marketing technology, B2B brands will be able to maximize their marketing budgets and more importantly, their results.

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