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H.E. Williams, Inc. hires Littlefield as brand & media AOR

H.E. Williams, Inc., a third generation family-owned lighting manufacturer based in Carthage, MO, has hired Littlefield as part of a major marketing effort in 2024.

The advertising campaign will include brand messaging designed to promote the company and grow its sales in this highly competitive B2B lighting industry. The agency’s Media & Analytics team will also provide ongoing services to help generate new opportunities.

“We can’t wait to work with the Williams marketing team,” says Sam Littlefield, President and CEO of Littlefield Agency. “There’s a great opportunity to take them to the next level as our program helps them generate more leads and increase market share.”

“Working with a family-owned company with so much experience is a privilege we don’t take for granted,” says Joy Hulver, Littlefield’s Senior Manager of Client Engagement. “We’re thrilled to partner with a brand that’s improving the spaces we live in.”

H.E. Williams, Inc. designs and builds luminaires that feature advanced lighting controls and LED technology. Since 1921, the company has produced American-made products in their southwest Missouri factory.

The client win also comes at an exciting time for Littlefield after Ad Age named the agency one of 2024’s Best Places To Work.


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H.E. Williams, Inc. hires Littlefield as brand & media AOR

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