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When we say that we start with custom research, we mean it. Based on your key stakeholders, target audience and your budget. In other words, we’re not research snobs. We dive into what’s already available, interview as many people and groups as we can, and develop a marketing strategy that’s true to who you are, relevant to your target audience, and can be experienced at all touchpoints. Best of all, we push your marketing strategy to each area of our ad agency to make sure we’re all embracing your B2B brand and working with the same goal in mind.


Custom Research

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B2B Marketing & Advertising in Tulsa, Oklahoma
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Is It Possible For Your B2B Brand To Be Truly Different?

To be blunt…probably not. But that’s okay. We can still tell your story in a way that no one else has before. Not you…or your competitors. The key is to dive in to a discovery process to find out who you truly are as a brand—your One Thing—and how that’s relevant to your target audience. Then tell your story in a way that really stands out.

One Thing Many Ways To Share It

One Thing. Many Ways To Share It.

Once you define your One Thing, we’ll uncover more ways to reach your B2B audience. Probably a few ways in which you’ve never thought of before. Then we’ll measure all of content to make sure your marketing and advertising dollars are going farther than ever before. Just as important, your One Thing gives your employees a true understanding of what your customers should experience every time they come across your B2B brand—not just in marketing, but in-person, too.

Connecting The Dots

Connecting The Dots Throughout The Entire Advertising Agency.

But we don’t stop there. Not with a collaborative model that ties in all aspects of the agency—strategy, creative, media, and analytics. So not only will we find new ways to reach your B2B audience, we’ll measure and adjust the content to enhance performance throughout the year. It’s not a run and done approach…it’s run, adapt, run, adapt. Again and Again. All departments, working together, to make sure you and B2B brand engage with customers in ways and in places you never have before.


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