Content Talk With New Content Specialist Taylor Bartley

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Littlefield Agency
Littlefield Agency
Content Talk With New Content Specialist Taylor Bartley

Good afternoon, and welcome back to our latest edition of Little Talks with Littlefield Agency! Another beautiful day here in Littlefield Agency paradise. 

We have a very special guest on today’s podcast—welcome Taylor Bartley, our newest content writer here at the agency! Taylor has an impressive work tenure from her time in the Dallas / Fort Worth area before joining Littlefield last week. Her primary role will be content development within the creative department and working closely with Roop on content strategy for our B2B clients. 

We went a little off script and “riffed” (as Roop would say) to cater our podcast topics for our content writer as she spent time with us in the studio today. 

Where do personas fit in your B2B content strategy, and what exactly does “content” mean in 2023? Taylor and Roop tee off and provide some insightful perspectives on how B2B brands are evolving content strategy and content production over the next year. 

We are very thankful for Taylor’s time with us, and we can’t wait for you to hear her and Roop’s (and a little of Sam’s) POVs regarding content. 

We will see you next week. We picked up a new client in Austin, Texas, that we are kicking off Monday – Wednesday down south, so our podcast will go live later next week. Roop and Sam will catch you then!

– Taylor, Roop & Sam

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