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Google Search Updates and Why Your B2B Brand Needs a 2023 TikTok Strategy

Here we go! Our last digital trends for November 2022 …

Find Your New Favorite Dish, Thanks to Google Search

Google launched two new features to make finding food nearby easier. Now, you can search by dish instead of restaurant on Google Search, and you can use the multi search tool to find delicious dishes near you. Both features are currently available on the Google app via Android / IOS devices.

Our Take: It’s really cool seeing Google roll out these new and useful features as they combat the oncoming threat of TikTok as a search platform. Should this take off, which we think it will, there is a great opportunity for your B2B brand and specifically the product you manufacture. SEO is so important here as Google scans your relevant keywords given what users are searching.

TikTok Advertising Projected to Surpass YouTube & Meta COMBINED by 2027

Yep, you read that right! TikTok’s global advertising revenue will surpass YouTube and Meta combined, but the wild card? Netflix will have won a small, but growing share in the online video advertising space.

Our Take: TikTok’s journey continues to disrupt the digital media space and their model works. Sam & Roop talk through some native, raw content we’re starting to see that don’t even look like ads. Bravo to the brands who are doing that successfully.

Big week next week! See you then!

  • Roop & Sam

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