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How fonts and colors make your brand pop

It was a great 4th of July weekend and after a few days off, Roop doesn’t even know his own name. Classic!

Jace Pevey rounds out our LITerns joining us this summer, and absolutely crushes it. He currently attends Oklahoma State University and graduates next year with a major in graphic design. He immerses himself greatly in today’s two trends, which are digital design focused.

Fonts With A Twist

This trend comes with typography that breaks the standards. How can the imperfect create beauty? Anything that breaks the order—one single letter might be upside down, bigger or smaller, in a different font, or completely missing. It’s a perfect way to emphasize and bring attention to something specifically your brand is pushing for.

Our Take: We like to call them easter eggs. It’s subtle, yet sometimes can be right in your face. Roop brought up a Dasani example with the slight curvature of the ‘S’ in the middle. It’s a nod to the brand and what they stand for. We, as creative people, are all for it.

Candy Colors

As we’re constantly bombarded with digital content from all directions, it gets harder for designers to create artwork, websites and apps that truly standout against the competition. Visual appeal and grabbing a viewer’s attention is key, so how does your brand nail it?

Our Take: Vibrant eye candy color schemes can be just the trick. Skillful designers and digital artists can create bold and striking creations with candy colors. Don’t get us wrong, all for pastel colors, but if your brand is looking to make a bold statement, candy color is your go to.

We’re back to a somewhat normal recording schedule next week. How is it already almost the middle of July?! Catch you next week.

— Jack, Roop & Sam

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