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How to evolve your OOH marketing strategy

The PGA Championship is here in Tulsa and the energy in our city is LIT! Can you imagine what’s going through Sam’s head this week? Tiger’s in town, the weather is perfect, life just doesn’t get much better.

The account team headed out to Southern Hills this afternoon, so Sam and Roop held down the fort to talk about our weekly digital trends. We keep it light and chill this week, but don’t worry, still great information to be had!

For OOH Advertisers, The Sky Is No Limit

At SXSW, Paramount+ caused a big commotion when it deployed 400 LED-equipped drones to form an out-of-home (OOH) ad – a massive QR code suspended in midair – to promote its Halo series. But a new ad format is making it clear that not even the sky’s the limit for OOH advertisers.

Now, running digital OOH ads in the freezer aisle is an option thanks to a startup called Cooler Screens, whose interactive technology has been transforming clear freezer doors of major retailers like Walgreens and CVS into opaque digital displays that showcase product inventory and promos.

Our take: Using drones to promote a new product launch is cool. The Cooler Screens on the other hand is proving to be more of a nuisance than a positive way to promote your brand in-store. Whether drones or the freezer aisle, the whole point is there are different, creative, and engaging ways for your brand to market through non-traditional OOH.

Show Your Furry (or Scaly) Friend How Much You Love Them With Their Own Pet Playlist

In honor of National Pet Day Spotify brought their 2020 Pet Playlist feature back to the forefront. Simply input what pet you have, some little details about their energy level and affection, include a picture and your pet’s name and you’re good to go! You might find some awesome classic rock if you’ve got an interesting iguana, or you might find that your cat is totally into Ariana Grande.

Our take: We’ll be making playlists for all our animal companions! But in all seriousness, Roop dives deep into what this means for Spotify + other streaming services on the importance of constantly evolving. Plus we say goodbye to an icon of the digital music era—the iPod.

For sure worth a listen, Sam was impressed where Roop took this one.

That’s it for now. Ciao!

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