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How your brand starts crushing Instagram Reels and TikTok content

Roop is back from San Francisco and we are back at it after our first week off of 2022! We have a very special guest today. Natalie Leding, one of our very own LITerns, graces us with her presence. Hailing from the DFW area, Natalie is a Strat Comm Major at THE Oklahoma State University. After only a couple of weeks on the job, she has transformed Littlefield social content with fellow LITern Sophie Ames.

Ready to have your mind blown? She goes off script (in a great way) and educates us on how brands aren’t capitalizing on Instagram and TIkTok.

As a true Gen Z’er, it’s fascinating getting a glimpse into her head on how brands can better capitalize on authentic / engaging content to better captivate their target audiences. Not only does she give real world examples, but tips and tricks on the best way to get going.

Do any brands currently crush TikTok / Instagram Reels in her opinion? Dive on in to here her point of view!

This week you’ll notice a slightly different social approach to promoting our content. “Why”, you may ask? That’s right, Natalie took over and it’s better than ever. Check it out on our social channels!

Catch you next week where we will announce our next guest speaker for the last week of June. Until then, our friends!

  • Natalie, Sam & Roop

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