HubSpot CRM and ChatGPT Talk With Special Guest Mike Simmon From Grasshopper Mower

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HubSpot CRM and ChatGPT Talk With Special Guest Mike Simmon From Grasshopper Mower

We are excited to OFFICIALLY welcome Taylor Bartley to the agency as a content writer! Taylor had a great first week at Littlefield and Roop & Sam already love her—she’s a Littlefield podcast enthusiast and that is music to our ears.

We apologize for the delay, but we think it’s well worth the wait. Mike Simmon, from Grasshopper Mower, joined us on Friday and Chelsea Clement finally allowed him to spend some time with us in our podcast studios. It’s about dang time!

It was an awesome Friday and we look forward to welcoming Mike back in future podcast discussions.

We’ve covered it before, but we revisit the topic with Mike’s expertise and perspective regarding the power of a CRM system for B2B manufacturers. Five to ten years ago hardly any B2B manufacturers were using a CRM. While most work with some sort of CRM today, most don’t understand the power and sophistication of the actual tool itself. Mike dives in and walks us through a day in the life given this is a large portion of his day. No matter what CRM a company uses, we believe B2B marketers eventually win the marketing day if they can untap the potential/sophistication of this powerful digital marketing tool.

Of course, (we couldn’t help ourselves) and had to ask Mike a philosophical marketing question before wrapping up our 30 minutes with him. Last year all we talked about was TikTok, the first 30 days of 2023 we’re talking all things AI & ChatGPT. Mike makes his bet on what the coming months and the rest of this year look like as we quickly traverse the ever-changing marketing landscape.

Very thankful for everything Mike does – we love working with him and the Grasshopper team. We look forward to having him back soon. That’s right Chelsea Clement, you heard it here first!

We will see and talk to you soon this week as we are back at it Wednesday in the studio. Do we have another special guest this week?!

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