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Instagram content! Netflix ads! Courtney Roberts!

It’s great having the one and only Courtney Roberts in the studio today! She gives us her take on the importance of creating engaging content natively in Instagram. She also breaks the news… Chelsea Clement is not attending the annual Christmas Party in December. Um, what!?

Not only do we talk Instagram, but with subscribers dwindling, Netflix may dabble with implementing ads on their platform. Our media team is pumped for targeting purposes, but the overall consensus at the agency is people are not fans. Do they dare do it? Let’s dive in further to that + Instagram:

Instagram Wants More Original Content on its Platform

Along with the recent rollout of product tagging we discussed above, Instagram has announced that they are going to start ranking for originality algorithmically. The days of sharing your TikTok videos to your Instagram page will soon be frowned upon. Same goes for repurposing old content over time.

Our Take: We’re here for it. We recommend original content given that each platform generally has a different audience and authenticity is a big proponent of good social engagement. Your omnichannel approach is key because your users engage differently per platform. It takes a little extra time and effort, but it’s worthwhile ESPECIALLY since this plays to Instagram’s algorithm.

Will Netflix Implement Ads?

Many other streaming services offer ad-supported plans at lower price points, and they’re growing fast. Analysts have also said that an ad-less Netflix is missing out on $9B in potential revenue.

An ad-supported Netflix tier would offer price-sensitive subscribers a low-cost alternative, and if done right, the user experience wouldn’t take much of a hit. Take TikTok, for example, where ads themselves are TikToks, and sometimes go viral as a result.

Our Take: Just the thought of adding commercials to Netflix made over 200,000 subscribers unsubscribe. They could roll out a tiered system where “premium users” don’t have to experience ads, but will that deter those that don’t want to spend too much money?

We have a big team on the road next week for a Grasshopper shoot—we are PUMPED!

Talk next week, and Happy May The Fourth Day!

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