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Is Twitter the right play for your B2B brand right now?

Sam is back from the stomach bug and Roop is back from a great day with Grasshopper! Our steak dinner was scheduled for last week, but had to be postponed due to Sam being sick. Don’t worry, we have it back on the calendar in December and you will be the first to know about it!

We are getting close to our first ever KIPP Tulsa High School pitch competition in a few weeks, and we could not be more excited. The students and mentors are preparing now, and it should be a great event in early December. Students have been working on a product/service idea, working with mentors on the targeting and ad strategy, and will be evaluated given the overall concept and presentation. The winning team receives a $5,000 scholarship on behalf of Littlefield Agency!

This week, we are focusing two digital trends and we lead right out of the gate with what seems to be all over the media these last 3 weeks: TWITTER. Although not technically not part of this month’s Little Bits Digital Trends, (bonus content!) we think it’s worth mentioning given the publicity the Twitter and Elon Musk has generated the past couple of weeks since his takeover.

Twitter Making Headlines, and Not In The Greatest Way

The Elon Era is here, and early returns are a mess. You’ve probably seen the blue checkmarks for $8, or heard of the imposter accounts taking over Twitter. Not great.

Our take: We think Twitter survives this, even with the exodus of some key players over the last couple of weeks, but we highly recommend pausing any Twitter activity if you’re a B2B brand. When it comes to advertising on the platform, we think it’s in your brand’s best interest to reallocate those marketing dollars to other social platforms for the time being until we see how this plays out. 

LinkedIn Adds New Accessibility Features, Including Auto-Captions on Videos

Auto captions can be a big help, not just for those with hearing difficulties, but also for people watching video in ‘sound off’ situations. As such, the practical value here is significant, and it’s good to see LinkedIn taking the next steps in activating the option with its video clips.

Our take: This is great, but again, welcome to 8 years ago, LinkedIn. Nice to see this happening—better late than never!

We’ll do a quick segment next week before Thanksgiving break, including some exciting news— see you then!

— Roop & Sam

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