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Is your B2B brand ready for their connected customer growth strategy?

We’re rocking and freaking rolling with guest speakers and loving every second of it! You know what else we’re loving? Welcome to our first ever video podcast (see below or subscribe over on our agency YouTube channel). Filmed on Roop’s iPhone, bear with us as we get used to this next level of sophisticated podcasting. However, it’s great that you can see us and Roop trying to attempt to calm down Sam as you’ll shortly see his animated approach!

This week we welcome Brock Campbell, who is the VP of Client Engagement here at Littlefield Agency. For those that tuned in two weeks ago to the Uber and Chelsea debacle, Brock is here to provide factual statements and a play-by-play from his vantage point. It’s all fascinating! We continue to realize our Chelsea Clement is truly one of a kind, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Never a dull moment! 

We continue with serialized B2B content given Roop’s HubSpot INBOUND experience. He kicks off this week’s first digital trends with an in-depth deep dive into connected customer growth strategy. So many consumer brands are doing this, and doing it well. Can your B2B brand incorporate this into your 2023 content strategy? 

Why Your B2B Brand Needs A Connected Customer Growth Strategy

We continue on the importance of first party data gathered through your optimized channels over time. How are you taking full advantage of this data and serving up relevant content that brings context to the conversations you’re trying to have given where your target audience is within the marketing funnel? 

Our take: B2B brands must be transparent and connect with your customers. Whether email, SMS, mobile apps, social connections, website, and the list goes on… your job as a B2B marketer as we approach 2023 is to attract, engage and delight your customers and prospective customers so your brand continues growing and staying relevant in this upcoming year. 

Snapchat Launches New ‘Dual’ Camera Option, Similar To BeReal, Instagram Takes Inspiration From BeReal With New Test Features, and BeReal Rises To 10 Million Daily Active Users

Three LittleBits in one! BeReal’s functionality and unique take on using both sides of your mobile camera is getting adapted by some big social platforms. 

Our Take: There’s no surprise here, but BeReal’s advantage? They have an approach no other social platforms are taking. Reminder, they are the antithesis of what Instagram, TikTok and Facebook stand for! Fun fact, 10 million daily active users is roughly 300 million active users per month—that’s right there with Twitter! 

It’s a fun and busy week here at the agency. We look forward to catching up next week and for you to see us back on camera in our second video podcast then!

Happy almost October.

– Roop, Sam & Brock

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