Key Takeaways From MAGNET Advertising Conference

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Littlefield Agency
Littlefield Agency
Key Takeaways From MAGNET Advertising Conference

Welcome back to another episode of Little Talks with Littlefield Agency! Where we talk about zero digital trends today…What?! That’s right (kind of).

Sam is refreshed, reinvigorated, and back in action in Tulsa after last week’s MAGNET (Marketing & Advertising Global Network) meeting in Park City, Utah. He recaps his meeting in this week’s 23-minute episode.

It’s worth a listen. Sam gives what we will call a “state of the agency” on how our agency stacks up compared to other MAGNET agencies and the great future ahead.

Are we a little biased, and is Sam overly energized? Absolutely. But he ties in agency happenings with the future of AI and how the B2B brands and marketers must continue to lean in and leverage different platforms accordingly.

Oh! And check out our snazzy new intro and outro, featuring our own project manger and her voice (and camera!) talents, Brenda Lewis!

We’re back next week with more digital trends as we wrap up April! Until then.

  • Roop, Sam & Brandon (and Brenda!)

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