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Pinterest making marketing moves and TikTok transitioning to longer creator video formats

We will cut straight to the chase here today: we bash Chelsea Clement… she had it coming! And it had been too long since we last did. It’s a busy week here at Littlefield Agency as we head to Ditch Witch tomorrow for Q1 analytics. Great stuff to share with their team!

Courtney Roberts is joining us next week to kick off May Little Bits and we couldn’t be more excited. I bet our listeners are pumped to get a break from Roop & Sam!

And shocker: Roop’s mic is back to sounding like he’s recording underwater while sitting next to a fan (Sam sounds great as always). Sorry, we’ll get that fixed next week!

This week’s trends as we wrap April:

Pinterest Unveils a Range of Shopping and Advertising Updates at its Annual ‘Pinterest Presents’ Event

Pinterest has announced a range of new updates and additions as part of its second annual ‘Pinterest Presents’ global advertiser summit, including in-stream shopping enhancements, promoted Idea Pins, improvements to its Pinterest Trends tool and more.

Our Take: We don’t talk about Pinterest (or Bruno) enough, but they’re still out there gettin’ it done. There is a B2B play here as it makes sense for some clients to capitalize here. Not our industrial manufacturing clients, but those B2B brands that sell product to the home could really take advantage. Love to see Pinterest evolving.

TikTok Confirms that 10 Minute Video Uploads are Coming to All Users

TikTok begins to move beyond bite-sized content as they announce that 10-minute videos will soon be rolling out to all content creators. The platform seeks to increase the monetization of videos allowing longer form videos. Ad revenue remains higher on video giant YouTube, but this may be a way for TikTok to increase their ad revenue.

Our Question & Take: Will content creators continue to be paid out by the fixed Creator Fund or will TikTok move to an ad revenue percentage currently utilized by YouTube? The marketers in us love this. Especially Sam… Roop not so much. While YouTube still serves its purpose, TikTok has provided a modern angle for good content, even in lengthier forms.

See you next week. It’s gonna be MAY (get it?)!

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