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Powerless in Tulsa

Welcome to a week with no digital trends! Yep, you heard that right. For those that have not heard, Tulsa was hit with 100 mph winds Saturday evening (somehow this is technically not a tornado), knocking out power, cell service, the internet and destroying so many trees. Many homes were unfortunately affected as well. While it’s tough living in these conditions, we’re just glad everyone at the agency and local clients are safe. 

With very limited internet (and internet speeds), we decided to not record a full video version of the podcast this week. No joke, when this smaller audio file is uploaded, it will all be thanks to Roop’s gas generator at home (where he oddly has internet but no power)! You’ll see some pictures of our agency lobby as well as some of the trees that went down in the gallery below. 

Hopefully we are back at it next week with full power and a little more sanity, and of course, your latest digital marketing trends as we wrap the last full week of June. 

Over & out from Tulsa! 

– Roop & Sam 

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