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The Bard is here and Roop turns 50

It has been two weeks too long for our loyal listeners, but it is good to be back! Welcome to another episode of Little Talks with Littlefield Agency, where we talk all things agency life and, of course, your latest and greatest digital marketing trends. 

Roop was sick last week, but he’s back in action this week, so he and Sam have two weeks of agency news to catch up on. Sam was with Ditch Witch in Las Vegas two weeks ago for Conexpo. Sam, Rocco, and Brock worked on the virtual reality/meta experience at the booth, and it was an amazing time! We have a case study going live in the next few weeks highlighting the experience, so please stay tuned for that. 

Our biggest news of the week: ROOP TURNS 50!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is wise (not old) and looks 35, in Sam’s opinion. A very special happy birthday to our Digital / CRM / UX Director. Be sure to see the picture above, and we will keep you posted on all birthday shenanigans happening here in a couple of weeks. 

Before we dive in, watch for our April digital trends that will be in your inbox next Monday morning after the weekend. We will hit on some great highlights as we regroup in the coming weeks. 

The Bard Roll Out Begins

Google has launched its AI chatbot, Google Bard, which competes with ChatGPT by using machine intelligence to provide smart responses to queries. In February, Google Bard was initially introduced as an experimental conversational AI service that offers direct access to queries, not just search results. After testing the product with a group of “trusted testers,” the search giant has opened it up to the general public. 

As of Tuesday, Google is accepting sign-ups for a waitlist to use Bard, which is currently available in the United States and the UK. Over time, Google plans to expand access to more countries and languages.

Our Take: To quote Yoda, “Begun the AI Wars have …” but this one is interesting. A few weeks ago, Google insisted it would take its time. Here we are, Bard is a thing, and the initial rollout cost them quite the stock valuation. Listen to Sam and Roop’s thoughts on what’s to come as the AI platforms take off. 

We will catch you next week!

– Roop, Sam & Brandon

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