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The importance of SEO in blog titles as a marketing company

We are always preaching the importance of SEO to our clients, so thought we’d take our own advice (and a consultant’s) and hit on that to kick this episode off. Roop and Sam survived Snowmaggedon™ and are enjoying 70 degree weather back at Littlefield Agency. Gotta love Tulsa, Oklahoma! This week we give our Super Bowl picks and without giving too much away, let’s just say our bet is on Mr. Swagger himself—Joe Burrow.

Alright let’s dive in for what your’e actually here for—the latest and greatest digital trends:

Making a Super Bowl commercial is super stressful this year

Have a whopping $6.5 million? The pockets are running deep for a :30 spot this year, which is a 9.1% increase YoY. Are brands shelling out money? Yes, but there’s another alternative: TikTok. Ever hear us talk of that before? Brands are looking at taking a TikTok only strategy so they can directly engage with their audiences. Remember all those years where people were more excited about Super Bowl ads instead of the actual game? Times sure have changed.

Tumblr back from the dead?

Sort of. Once a prominent social network, Tumblr sank as it underwent numerous owners. Gen Z’s curiosity has peaked, and should the platform be able to adapt, it could make a steady comeback.

Bold color palettes are ruling 2022

We have yet to talk through designs trends, but our very own Courtney Roberts found the five best colors to use on social media this year. Our take? Be bold where it makes sense, but don’t compromise what your brand stands for. A bold splash of color on social may be exactly that edge you need for thumb stopping content.

Talk to you you next week. We’re working on future guest speakers, get excited! Go Bengals.

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