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The latest Google search and influencer marketing trends

We hope you all had a wonderful Easter! It’s good to be back in the studio with no planes to catch this week. Roop and Sam kickoff with our April unsung hero: Julie Swab—The Queen of Project Management as some clients call her. Excited for you to listen in on why she’s this month’s hero. No doubt we are so thankful for all she does!

Now here’s what you’re waiting for! This week’s digital trends:

Google: Search Trends Around Big Life Moments

In this Think with Google video installment, Google researchers discuss how people are changing their education habits, why residential real estate is top of mind, and what the rise in car searches means.

Our take: A key theme is searchers are using Google to prepare for life’s biggest moments more than ever. Within each of these search categories, Google talks about what marketers need to know about each of these categories and the consumer mindset in each of these moments. The most important thing for your brand? The product you provide plays an integral part in these life moments. How does your brand, in conjunction with Google/YouTube/etc., play an integral and relevant role in your target audience’s lives?

Trust in Influencer Marketing – is this a thing?

According to a new Izea report, analyzing the effectiveness of influencer marketing for generating consumer trust and engagement, creators reach 92% of those aged 18 to 29.

Most individuals follow between one and 20 influencers while one-quarter of respondents between 18 and 29 follow between 21 and 50 influencers and 39% of social media users over 60 years old don’t follow any.

Our take: Influencers have increasingly captured consumers’ attention and time. As creators deepen their connection with their followers through content and products, they’ve also started to gain consumers’ trust. It’s vital that your brand understands how these influencers can properly engage with your target audience. Is it authentic and natural, or more front and center? There is an appropriate time for a more promo happy influencer, but thinking through your marketing strategy and how to best work with influencers is an important endeavor as you connect and convert your different aged audiences.

Look forward to wrapping this month’s digital trends with you next week!

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