Three Ways Your B2B Brand Can Use Video In Your Marketing You Might Not Be

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Little Talks
Little Talks
Three Ways Your B2B Brand Can Use Video In Your Marketing You Might Not Be

Welcome to a special “construction edition” of Little Talks with Littlefield Agency, where we talk about your latest B2B digital marketing trends! It’s a big day at the agency—our construction remodel has officially begun! We are adding a few new conference rooms, a speakeasy lounge area for creative concepting, and you better believe the most amazing podcast studio in the midwest.

In addition to the construction, it’s a big week for the agency. Our 2nd Annual KIPP Tulsa Pitch Competition is this Friday, where we’ll present a $5,000 check to the winning pitch team. Our 3rd Annual Soupsgiving is also this Friday where we enjoy soups / bread / dessert instead of a traditional Thanksgiving meal. It’s a huge hit at our agency and we can’t wait.

Before we dive into this week’s topic, we want to give a huge shoutout to Trent Guyer at Grasshopper Mower who did a phenomenal job representing his company at the Master B2B Webinar yesterday in front of hundreds of listeners. Trent talks about the importance of B2B e-commerce marketing on Amazon and shares his thoughts on what B2B manufacturers need to do over the next year to ensure e-commerce success. Lucky for us, Trent will be visiting the agency and joining us on Little Talks right before Christmas, so we look forward to hearing more on this while he’s here.

B2B Video Uses You Might Not Be Doing

Roop talks through three ways your B2B brand could be using video in your 2024 marketing. From incorporating personalized video messages to your customers, to turning short clips into GIFs, we have some tips for you.

Listen to his three quick tips as you approach your 2024 B2B content strategy.

Thanksgiving is next week, but we are podcasting Monday! We will keep it light before your holiday break. We can’t wait and we will see you then.

  • Brenda, Brandon, Roop & Sam

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