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TikTok paving the way for the future of your B2B search

This is one of our favorite podcasts yet from a B2B digital marketing trends standpoint! Sam’s back from his golf adventure while Roop held down fort for Reynolds and Chelsea’s 33rd birthday party last Friday. We catch up and give a tribute to our very own Catie Beth. She’s moving down to Dallas with her fiancé and no doubt she will be missed at Littlefield Agency!

We kick off the podcast with an interesting digital trend followed by some mind blowing content with digital trend two.

Sonic Steps Up Their Marketing with Sensory Connection

For creative brands, the opportunity for sensory connection is rich. And in the realm of multisensory marketing, one opportunity speaks louder than words: Sonic branding. Not every interaction has a sound component yet, but consumer data shows we’re headed quickly in that direction. Nearly half of U.S. internet users own at least one smart speaker, according to an August 2021 comScore survey.

Our Take: As our daily interactions continue to shift online, our world becomes increasingly connected and complex. To succeed in this new age of quantum marketing, brands must find creative ways to engage their audiences even if it means beyond a screen.

1.5 Billion Users Now Engage With YouTube Shorts Content Each Month

YouTube Shorts are now being watched by over 1.5 billion (!) logged-in users every month. That is a huge amount, especially when you also consider that YouTube’s total monthly ‘logged in’ audience is 2 billion total users.

Our Take: At one point Roop was ready to write off Shorts… well vertical video is officially here and it is here to stay. Here’s the crazy twist: Google just recently announced that ~40% of young people, when looking for lunch options, search TikTok or Instagram instead of Google Maps or Search. Years ago paid search evolved with image extensions. We think they will quickly implement shorts as part of the search experience to serve relevant and digestible content that users can view via video.

Next week is the last week for our LITerns—we are bummed to see them go! Chat then.

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